Parmveer Masuta
For my last collage I wanted to have some kind of transportation involved, so I could play around with things moving. It turned out harder than it was, but then I found a immovable train and that’s when I got the idea of everything stopping, or everything coming to an end. I took the panorama and decided to go with a world coming to an end type of theme. I wanted to get the attention of things such as gas prices going up and how the recession is beginning to get worse. I also wanted to take recent tragic events that have taken place over the last year, so I began to look for images on how I could achieve this.
I added water and made it seem like the train is about to go down to remind the viewers of the recent tragic events that took place in Japan, the birds are to remind the viewers of the birds that fell from the sky, the moon and the sun are to represent another day of disaster may be near, and the NASA planes represent a way to escape from all these horrible things.

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