Student contributions to projects

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The Hairs. 5 minutes. 2014. Editor, Colorist. 
Directed by Jane Doe. Big Film Company.
– Screenings at 8 film festivals in USA, Japan, Canada
– Best of Festival Award (Berkeley Video and Film Festival)

The Waterboy. 9 minutes. 2014. Cinematographer, Editor. 
Directed by Joe Smith. Big Film Company.
– Screenings at 3 film festivals in USA, Japan, Canada

Student Contributions to Projects:


Quotidian Mandala. 8:41 minutes. 2016.
Produced by Jessica Gomula-Kruzic

  • Ashley Carter-Mooneyham. Assistant Camera.
  • Edgar Alamo. Best Boy Electric.
  • Dachuan Chen. Production Assistant.
  • Emily Dunger. Production Assistant.
  • Vincent Garcia. Production Assistant.
  • Rachel Le. Production Assistant.
  • Gustavo Martinez-Meza. Production Assistant.
  • Trinidad Moreno. Production Assistant.
  • Elizabeth Padilla. Production Assistant.
  • Francee Juan. Production Assistant.


  • 2017: Pembroke Taparelli Arts and Film Festival. Los Angeles, CA.
  • 2017: Cinema New York City. New York, NY.
  • 2017: Best Shorts. La Jolla, CA. Award of Recognition, Women Filmmakers.
  • 2017: Complicit Participants. Turlock, CA.
  • 2016: DOUBLE VISION @ City Hall. Montpelier, VT.
  • 2016: 30th Scary Cow Film Festival. San Francisco, CA.


Filling Her Shoes. 10:30 minutes. 2015.
Produced by Jessica Gomula-Kruzic.

  • Ashley Carter-Mooneyham. Assistant Camera. Assistant Editor.
  • Yovany Magana. Dolly Grip
  • Matthew Manning. Crane Grip. Assistant Editor.
  • Gustavo Martinez-Meza. Production Assistant.
  • Arturo Melendez. Stills Photographer. Media Manager.
  • Andres Mendez. Crane Grip. Editor.
  • Trinidad Moreno. Dolly Grip.
  • Caitlin Moses. Production Assistant.
  • Richard Onochie. Data Wrangler.
  • Robert Ponce. Key Grip. Supervising Editor.
  • Melissa Ramirez. Production Coordinator.
  • Crystal Tadeo. Set Costumer. Publicist.
  • Carrie Thai. Script Supervisor.


  • 2017: Complicit Participants. Turlock, CA.
  • 2016: Recent work from the Building Imagination Initiative. Turlock, CA.
  • 2015: Resident Artists’ Workshop. Safehouse for the Performing Arts. San Francisco, CA



Modesto 2034: Glimpses of the Future. 4:05 minutes. 2015.
Produced by Jessica Gomula-Kruzic.

  • Michael George. Director. Writer. Lead Actor.
  • Matthew Heli. Cinematographer.
  • Elizabeth Lara. Camera Operator. Sound Mixer.
  • Trinidad Moreno. Cinematographer. Assistant Editor.




Center for Human Services: Why Do You Do It? 2:35 minutes. 2015.
Produced by Jessica Gomula-Kruzic.

  • Favian Rodriguez. Director.
  • Patrick Baulder. Assistant Director. Cinematographer.
  • Colin Brummel. Production Manager. Production Sound.
  • Vincent Garcia. Editor. Cinematographer.
  • Sherry Newington. Location Manager. Gaffer.


  • 2015: Building Imagination Center. Turlock, CA.


Center for Human Services: Substance Abuse Services. 2:42 minutes. 2015.
Produced by Jessica Gomula-Kruzic.

  • Michael George. Assistant Director. Cinematographer.
  • Matthew Heli. Location Manager. Colorist. Lighting Designer. Key Grip.
  • Liz Lara. Production Manager. Cinematographer. Production Sound Mixer.
  • Trinidad Moreno. Director.


  • 2015: Building Imagination Center. Turlock, CA.


Center for Human Services: Behavioral Health Services. 3:05 minutes. 2015.
Produced by Jessica Gomula-Kruzic.

  • Mahammad Ajmal. Assistant Director. Cinematographer. Sound Designer.
  • Santiago Carrillo. Cinematographer. Editor.
  • Zac Estrada. Director.
  • Mark Maciel. Production Manager. Production Sound. Assistant Editor.
  • Sahibjit Singh. Location Manager. Lighting. Key Grip.


  • 2015: Building Imagination Center. Turlock, CA.



Modesto 2034: Community. 2:35 minutes. 2015.
Produced by Jessica Gomula-Kruzic.

  • Patrick Baulder. Director.
  • Colin Brummel.Cinematographer. Sound Designer.
  • Favian Rodriguez. Production Manager. Gaffer.
  • Sherry Newington. Cinematographer.
  • Vincent Garcia. Assistant Director. Editor.


  • 2015: Building Imagination Center. Turlock, CA.


Eleven Dimensions. 40 minutes. 2014.
Produced by Jessica Gomula-Kruzic. Audio by Sean Clute. Performance Choreography by Pauline Jennings. Performed by Jennifer Mellor, Ellen Smith Ahern and Lida Winfield. Virtual Performance by Nicole Zvarik.

  • John Fandl. Production Assistant.
  • Benjamin Hoover. Production Assistant.
  • Earvin Rowe. Production Assistant.


  • 2017: Maker Faire. Shanghai, China.
  • 2017: Complicit Participants. Turlock, CA.
  • 2016: Veritable Vicissitudes. Champlain College, Burlington, Vermont.
  • 2014: International Symposium of Electronic Art. Dubai, UAE.
  • 2014: Art Faculty on Main. Building Imagination Center, Turlock, CA


Modesto 2034: Augmented Reality Game. 2014. 
Created by Jessica Gomula-Kruzic. *Project link will work on smartphones, or Chrome.

  • Joshua Biewer. Motion Graphics. Researcher. Game Tester. Production Assistant.
  • Colin Brummel. Motion Graphics. Researcher. Game Tester. Production Assistant.
  • Noel Daniel. Researcher. Game Tester. Production Assistant.
  • Nou Her. Motion Graphics. Researcher. Game Tester. Production Assistant.
  • Mary Lor. Researcher. Game Tester. Production Assistant.
  • Tony Lor. Researcher. Game Tester. Production Assistant.
  • Arnulfo Martinez. Researcher. Game Tester. Production Assistant.
  • Gustavo Martinez-Meza. Researcher. Game Tester. Production Assistant.
  • Jancy Moua. Researcher. Game Tester. Production Assistant.
  • Arkell Rogers. Researcher. Game Tester. Production Assistant.
  • Matthew Sahlit. Researcher. Game Tester. Production Assistant.
  • Carrie Thai. Researcher. Game Tester. Production Assistant.
  • Janet Alvarado.  Motion Graphics. Production Assistant.
  • Monique Gonzalez.  Motion Graphics. Production Assistant.
  • Daniel Partida.  Motion Graphics. Production Assistant.
  • Ernesto Pulido.  Motion Graphics. Production Assistant.
  • Justin Torrez.  Motion Graphics. Production Assistant.
  • Davonte Barksdale.  Motion Graphics. Production Assistant.
  • Maciel Barsoum.  Motion Graphics. Production Assistant.
  • Dorothy Butts-Lo Bue.  Motion Graphics. Production Assistant.
  • Loun Emanivong.  Motion Graphics. Production Assistant.
  • Daniel Gutierrez.  Motion Graphics. Production Assistant.
  • Marnye Henry.  Motion Graphics. Production Assistant.
  • Guadalupe Mosqueda.  Motion Graphics. Production Assistant.
  • Kathryn Riley.  Motion Graphics. Production Assistant.
  • Edgar Orozco.  Motion Graphics. Production Assistant.
  • Seth Scales.  Motion Graphics. Production Assistant.



Modesto Modernism. 13:49 minutes. 2013.
Directed by Jessica Gomula-Kruzic.

  • Lauren Samo. Assistant Writer.
  • Santiago Carrillo. Assistant Writer.
  • Chad Pickrel. First Assistant Director.
  • Sandi Amaral. Camera Operator. Title Design. Researcher.
  • Luis Alcazar. Camera Operator.
  • Justin Torres. Camera Operator.
  • Maria Soria-Pimental. Researcher.
  • William Khoury. Researcher.
  • Robert Ponce. Location Scout.
  • Karly Moore. Location Scout.
  • Kelli Thompson. Storyboard.
  • Martha Juarez. Storyboard.
  • Terrence Ellis. Foley.
  • Madison Burman. Credits.
  • Mia Villalpando. Credits.


  • 2013: Eames: The Architect and the Painter + Modesto Modernism. Carnegie Arts Center. Turlock, CA.
  • 2013: Modesto International Architecture Film Festival. State Theatre. Modesto, CA.


ACTION: The Central Valley Film Community. 13:26 minutes. 2013.
Directed by Chad Pickrel.

  • Chad Pickrel. Cinematography. Editing. Sound Editing. Color Corrector
  • Luis Alcazar. Cinematography. Interviews.
  • Sandi Amaral. Cinematography. Titles. Editing. Color Corrector.
  • Tony Grajeda. Titles. Interviews.
  • Kevin Macleod. Music.


Aiming for Change. 12:19 minutes. 2013.
Directed by Brittney Miller.

  • Brittney Miller. Sound Director. Cinematography. Editor. Sound.
  • Jesse Bryant. Cinematography.
  • Madison Burman. Cinematography. Editing. Assistant Director. Sound.
  • Nou Her. Cinematography. Editing. Sound.
  • Kelli Thompson. Cinematography.
  • Mia Villalpando. Cinematography.
  • Francisco Jiminez. Editing.


Samsara. 13:30 minutes. 2013.
Directed by Nicole Zvarik & Bill Wolter.

  • Kaitlin Chin. Researcher. Camera Operator. Assistant Title Designer.
  • Lauren Samo. Location Manager. Production Assistant. Assistant Camera. Colorist.
  • Sandi Amaral. 1st Assistant Director. Director of Photography. Editor.
  • Joshua Biewer. 2nd Assistant Director. Production Assistant. Stills Photographer. Assistant Editor.
  • Jessica Wersky. Storyboard Artist. Production Assistant. Sound Design.
  • Steven Semmens. Production Manager. Camera Operator. Title Design.


An Obsolete Dialog. 16:31 minutes. 2013.
Directed by Gina Clark.

  • Joshua Biewer. Editor.
  • Steven Semmens. Assistant Director.
  • Sandi Amaral. Sound Editor.
  • Lauren Samo. Sound Director.
  • Kaitlin Chin. Titles & Design.
  • Jessica Wersky. Credits & Titles.


Outside the Picket Fence. 16:16 minutes. 2012.
Directed by Christian Hali.

  • Luis Alcazar. Director of Photography. Titles. Color. Location Manager
  • Sandi Amaral. Camera Operator. Assistant Director. Supervising Sound Editor.
  • William Khoury. Camera Operator. Editior. Researcher.
  • Lauren Samo. Still Photography. Asistant Editor. Production Manager.

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