Architecture Graffiti event.

Saturday, September 17th, 2011, 7-9 pm. 
Chartreuse Muse Gallery.
Downtown Modesto, CA.

Architecture Graffiti is sponsored by the  //Bii,  the Modesto Art Museum, and the Modesto International Architecture Festival to create this public outreach opportunity, a VIP (Valley Illumination & Performance) event. Working with unlikely natural and built spaces, VIP events are a public art project that creates site-specific illumination of public space, catalyzing site-specific work, integrating audience interaction and live video, and showcasing diverse collaborations between performative projectionists and musicians. VIP events are a powerful, yet non-displacing, way to creatively claim and transform public spaces with inventive, provocative, and immersive events of light and sound.

Participating artists include work by Sean Clute; work by Spirit of Space; Submerged by Jessica Gomula; Wealth by Julie Strong, Brittney Miller, Alyssa Martinez

Public support of this project was excellent, with over 100 people attending.

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